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At Barcelona Barber Shop we have designed a catalogue of services in line with our way of working and living this profession. A simple and balanced catalogue, but one that cannot be understood without our commitment to the quality in service as the primary element. Because, sometimes, is better to stick to what you know. Haircut, beard trim with and without towel ritual and complete razor shave. Each service completed in thirty minutes delivered with excellence by our Barcelona Barber Shop professionals.

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Beard Trim - Ritual with towels


Our star beard service: shave with towel ritual. Take these 30 minutes to relax, let yourself be wrapped in the towels and immerse yourself in the vapors to emerge with your beard perfectly outlined.

Beard Trim


Beard grooming without towels or steamers. If you don't want to risk falling asleep, ritual-free beard grooming may be for you.

Razor shave


Classical technique in modern times. The most precise and complex shave, performed with the best tools by accomplished specialists.

peluqueria en barcelona

(to include in your haircut or beard)



We shave the nose hair.



We shave the ear hair.



Eyebrow contouring.

tall de cabells


Wash + Cut


Choose as you wish or let our professionals advise you. At Barcelona Barber Shop we adapt to you and get the style you want, as we have specialists for every type of hair among our ranks.

Wash + Comb 


Sometimes a touch-up is enough, and in the hands of our professionals we can guarantee it. For those who just need a tune-up without drastic changes, this is your choice.

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