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Barbería Via Augusta

Barcelona Barber Shop was founded in 2013, when the general trend was unisex hair salons. We opened our first location with a single but strong idea: relaunch men's barber services under a new aesthetic.

This new approach, along with an ambitious redesign of the premises set by the classic American barbershop of the 1950s, was very well received by the customers, and many shops in the sector reconfigured their businesses in this new direction.

Barcelona Barber Shop designed a sober, simple and practical App so that clients could register and make their reservations in less than a minute. A tool that helped speed up the process and which continues to be the most used option for booking at our shops. It can be downloaded here.

However, if there is something that validates our effort beyond having started the classic barbershop movement in Barcelona, it is the satisfaction of our clients who, year after year, continue to trust us and our methods. 

About us

Barcelona Barber Shop
Barber Shop
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Jose Antonio Mata de la Torre has dedicated almost his entire professional life to the world of barbering and hairdressing. At just 16 years old, he started working in unisex salons, showing great skills. He worked in different places and after some time he specialized in men's cutting, a field in which he developed his abilities. 

Even so, the world of barbershops did not allow any format other than the unisex salon, and Jose finally gave up to dedicate himself to the world of motorsport. It would not be until 2013 when he finally made the decision to dedicate himself completely to the profession he loved in the specialty he mastered. From that will, Barcelona Barber Shop was born.

About us

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